bunny.money's global network of nonprofit partners

bunny.money's global network of nonprofit partners

Meet bunny.money's global network of Nonprofit organizations. Discover how every day they make  a difference in the world –locally, nationally and internationally– and support them in their mission!


🐢 Animals  🎭 Arts & Culture  👥 Community   🎓 Education   🌎 Environment   ⚖️ Human Rights

🐢 Animals

San Francisco Aid for Animals

Making urgent life-saving care for companion #animals affordable.

📍 Santa Rosa, CA   🌐 www.sfafa.org

🎭 Arts & Culture

Breizh Amerika

Building bridges between Brittany, France and the United States #breton #american

📍 Houston, TX and Brittany, France   🌐 www.breizh-amerika.com

👥 Community

Imagine LA

Working to end the cycle of family #poverty and #homelessness

📍 Los Angeles, CA   🌐 www.imaginela.org

🎓 Education

LearnUp Centers

Changing how we teach all levels and types of learners to read #reading #dyslexia

📍 San Francisco, CA   🌐 www.learnupcenters.org

🌎 Environment

Amazon Watch

Protecting the rainforest and our climate in solidarity with Indigenous peoples. 🌿🦋🐒 #endamazoncrude #keepitintheground

📍 Oakland, CA   🌐 www.amazonwatch.org

Clean Air Task Force

Catalyzing resilient solutions, scaled to meet the climate challenge 💨🍃🌎🌡️ #climatechange #climateaction

📍 Boston, MA   🌐 www.catf.us

⚖️ Human Rights

Urban Justice Center

Fueling social change by empowering bold advocates who lead the way for a just, fair, and decent society #socialjustice #socialchange

📍 New York, NY    🌐 www.urbanjustice.org

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