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StartOut Welcomes Ninth Cohort of Growth Lab Companies

The StartOut Growth Lab, a startup accelerator aimed at advancing companies founded or cofounded by LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs, has welcomed its ninth cohort of companies, each focused on transforming their respective industry.

StartOut Welcomes Ninth Cohort of Growth Lab Companies

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SAN FRANCISCO, Cal., Jan. 26, 2022 - The StartOut Growth Lab, a startup accelerator aimed at advancing companies founded or cofounded by LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs, has welcomed its ninth cohort of companies, each focused on transforming their respective industry.

StartOut is the nation's largest nonprofit organization for LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs and oversees the Growth Lab in partnership with DLA Piper, providing participating entrepreneurs with support for their emerging companies through custom tailored programs. This assistance includes mentoring, education, access to capital sources and networking opportunities.

Since the Growth Lab's founding in 2017, 44 companies have graduated, raising $630 million in funding and creating more than 3,678  jobs.

"These numbers not only indicate the strength of the entrepreneurs and their companies, but also the impact we are making within startup communities across the nation," said Andres Wydler, executive director of StartOut. "We are proud of what the Growth Lab has been able to do over the years and are excited to work with this next group of entrepreneurs."

The ninth group consists of the following companies:

  • Legal Karma aims to modernize and scale the delivery of legal services from law firms through cloud-based document drafting and project management automation tools. Firm clients receive a mobile app where they can request new work, redline and sign documents, and see where their money is being spent.
  • Beepboop is a gamified language-speaking platform that aims to simplify teaching while making on-demand group learning personalized, fun, and free. Beepboop's AI enables users to monetize their voices by becoming teachers capable of engaging full classrooms in interactive exercises that empower students to speak the language they're learning.
  • Geopogo applies the emerging power of AR to instantly convert standard architectural design files into full-size, on-site virtual models to improve the design and construction process. Through a recently signed commercialization partnership with Magic Leap, Geopogo now has access to scale globally through Magic Leap's extensive sales network and to present in collaboration with Magic Leap at global venues such as AWE and CES.
  • Mr Hudson plans perfect trips by matching travelers with local creators to make highly personalized travel plans, helping visitors experience the best of their destination.
  • Matador Meggings is an innovative men's athleisure brand primarily known for its men's leggings specifically designed for the male anatomy featuring a modesty pad concealing the groin department, multiple pockets, and a t-shirt/towel loop in dozens of unique prints and bold colors. They elevate & empower men by giving them confidence, comfort, and joy through the performance apparel they craft.
  • PILOT, Inc. helps HR leaders provide meaningful employee development to retain top talent, at scale. Through individual reflection, manager feedback, a peer community, external group coaching, executive firesides, and program management, participants leverage a shared development plan over six-months. Its mission "for everyone to feel powerful at work" is built into the product, activating employees to truly own their careers.
  • BIOMILK Skincare is a new generation of clean beauty products, dedicated to deep and visible skin health through microbiome care and nutrition, backed by science. The head-to-toe line of facial & body care is uniquely formulated to work with our own skin and its bacterial ecosystem, feeding it clinically proven Prebiotics and Probiotics + Plant-based Superfoods.
  • KindMind is a solution empowering physicians, nurses and other advanced practice providers to find a mental health provider, confidentially and conveniently.
  • Career Pass Institute provides a comprehensive and personalized career coaching platform particularly supporting international students and new immigrants in the U.S. to attain their dream jobs in software engineering and data analytics.
  • bunny.money allows users to save and donate based on their financial wellness while their favorite nonprofits can fundraise for free.

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