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Marie is the Marketing Manager at Passionate about photography, multifaceted and prolific artist, she tells us more about her journey.

Marie and her cameras in Ibiza, Spain.

Marie is the Marketing Manager at Currently working from Paris, she is responsible for the content, strategy and execution of our social media strategy. Today, she sits down with us to talk about her journey here and where she plans on going.

Tell us a little bit about yourself. What is your background?

When I was 18, I moved to Paris to start acting school. After working a few jobs for TV and realizing the environment wasn’t for me, I switched career paths. I worked for the national radio station. The director of the station saw my dedication to journalism and encouraged me to go back to school and find what I truly wanted. I graduated with my master’s degree in Communication, Media and Arts in July 2020 at the Sorbonne University, and while there, discovered my passion for photography and photojournalism.

Prior to working with, I completed internships in TV as a communications coordinator and as a press officer for a photographic festival. I also worked for a marketing, and media company, “French District”, in Los Angeles for two years.

“I do freelance analog photography and have had my work published in VOGUE, with an exhibition in Paris coming up in May!”

Currently, along with working at, I work as the communications manager for a theater in Paris. I also do freelance analog photography and have had my work published in VOGUE, with an exhibition in Paris coming up in May!

How did you get involved with

While working at the French District, one of my clients was! Through the agency, I wrote blog posts, newsletters, and email blasts for them. After my contract with the agency ended, I took a step back to think about where I wanted to go with my career. I knew that I wanted to continue working in marketing, but I also wanted to contribute to the world and my impact on the planet.

“ was the perfect fit – they made a positive impact on the world and was composed of a small team made up of motivated and like-minded people.”

I realized I wanted to veer away from the corporate world, but I also wanted to work in a place that valued my skills and experiences. was the perfect fit – they made a positive impact on the world and was composed of a small team made up of motivated and like-minded people. I reached out to Fabien in September of 2020 and it turned out that he was looking for someone to do social media and marketing. I started working right away and have loved it here ever since!

What is your role at What does a typical day look like for you?

I manage our social media, including Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. I coordinate with our partners, including Zealous Advertising and The Triple Bottom to plan and post content, blog posts, and develop themes. I also work alongside Annelise to develop reels, strategize, and come up with ways to talk to our community, increase our visibility, and expand our audience. A lot of fun!

Currently, one of the biggest aspects of my job is our crowdfunding campaign! We are working to raise money to support our startup, and I have created a marketing handbook and campaign plan. I have been posting on social media, sending emails to our community members, communicating with nonprofits for collaborative content, and creating video content to share across all platforms.

Tell me about your hobbies - what are you passionate about?

“ I spend most of my weekends traveling around Europe to meet people I want to photograph. It’s the true source of my happiness and helps me find my balance.”

I am passionate about analog photography - I breathe for it. I have been a photographer for years, but in the past 6 months, it has really. After my acting school and the Sorbonne, I worked on my own projects abroad, especially in Belarus, and showed my work at exhibitions. Now, I spend most of my weekends traveling Europe to meet models I want to photograph. I’m currently making a book mixing photography and poetry about home and what it means for women. It’s a true source of happiness and helps me find my balance.

Selfportrait of Marie

How do you balance it all?

“I feel the most fulfilled, happy, entertained and inspired when I am busy.”

My life is very full - but that’s how I like it! I always look for different activities that give me energy, and I feel the most fulfilled, happy, entertained, and inspired when I am busy. I also work hard to travel, see friends and have time for myself. I like to de-stress by giving myself one evening a week to do whatever I want – whether that be having a drink, cooking myself dinner, or just doing something that belongs to me, not to my work.

It’s really important to me to set clear expectations and deadlines, but also know that this role requires flexibility, connectivity, and understanding. I love that my work at and at the theater often overlap, and I can apply different aspects and strategies of one to the other.

What is your favorite cause you support? Why?

In the past few years, I have been involved with the Prison Education Project. This organization allows individuals in the United States to connect with inmates by teaching online classes on topics they are passionate about. I started volunteering when I moved to California, and the correspondence helped me grow my confidence in my English skills and learn more things outside of my comfort zone.

Check out Prison Education Project here.

What is your secret to a successful social media campaign?

The way you present the content is key in today's world - your best content still has to be rendered in a concise and catchy way so that people look at it in the first place. It can sometimes feel like a game on social media, but you have to quickly catch the attention of your audience. I am always trying different strategies and formulas to showcase our content here at!

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